Continuous Testing With DevOps


DevOps speeds up your procedures and makes them progressively effective, however, organizations must concentrate on quality just as speed. QA ought not to live outside the DevOps condition, it ought to be a principal part. If your DevOps desire has begun with just the turn of events and tasks groups, it’s not very late to circle in testing. You should incorporate QA into the lifecycle to genuinely accomplish DevOps benefits.

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What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous Testing is characterized as a product testing type that includes a procedure of testing early, testing regularly, test all over, and automation. It is a technique of assessing quality at each progression of the Continuous Delivery Process. The objective of Continuous Testing is to test early and test regularly. The procedure includes partners like Developer, DevOps, QA and Operational framework.

How to do Continuous Testing?

  • Generate automation suite from person stories/requirements using some tools.
  • Create Test Environment.
  • Copy and anonymize production facts to create check statistics bed
  • Use service virtualization to test API.
  • Parallel overall performance testing.

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DevOps Need in Continuous Testing

The adoption of DevOps practices is dramatically increasing for the duration of many specific industries, mostly due to groups spotting the numerous benefits DevOps can deliver.

DevOps does accelerate your procedures and make them extra efficient, but businesses that completely consciousness on speed and ignore first-class factors are in all likelihood to go through a massive blow. Teams must awareness first on first-rate by lowering defects and bugs before running on rushing up their operations.

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Integrating QA inside DevOps additionally performs an essential role in managing dangers by making sure the utility is robust and stable during the improvement system. Continuous testing as a part of a DevOps approach facilitates detect bugs quickly, when they’re easier and less costly to fix, ensuring your application is fit for utilization and enhancing an awesome consumer experience.

QA must not stay outdoor the DevOps environment, it needs to be a fundamental part. But if your DevOps ambitions have begun with most effective the development and operations teams, it is no longer too late to loop in testing. You should combine QA **into the lifecycle to truly attain **DevOps benefits.

Advantages of Continuous Testing

  • Speedup the software delivery.
  • Continuous testing improves code quality.
  • It assists with surveying definite business hazard inclusion.
  • It consistently incorporates into DevOps Process.
  • Assists with making a nimble and dependable procedure are not more than hours rather than months.
  • Accelerates time-to-showcase with a continuous criticism component.
  • Unions customarily siloed groups to meet present-day undertaking needs. Breaks down separate between improvement, testing, and tasks groups.
  • Test Automation assists with accomplishing consistency by keeping up a similar arrangement for every single important test.
  • Emphasizes business desires to alleviate business dangers.
  • Furnishing omnipresent test condition access with Service Virtualization.

Difficulties of Continuous Testing

  • The traditional manner is limiting cultural shift among Development & QA professionals.
  • Lack of DevOps competencies and proper tools for testing in Agile & DevOps environments.
  • Heterogeneous check environments which will in no way replicate the production environment.
  • The conventional testing manner and loosely defined check** statistics management**.
  • Longer code integration cycles create integration issues and past due disorder fixes.
  • Insufficient and ineffective resources and take a look at environments.
  • Complex application structure and business logic that restricts DevOps adoption.


  • In Software Engineering, Continuous testing is a procedure of testing early, testing regularly, testing all over, and computerize.
  • The old method of testing was a handoff driven. The product is given off starting with one group then onto the next.
  • Jenkins, Travis, and Selenium are mainstream Continuous Testing and Integration tools.
  • Continuous Testing conveys** significant criticism** as indicated by each phase of the conveyance pipeline.
  • Continuous testing assists with improving code quality.
  • The customary procedure is constraining social move among Development and QA experts.
  • Longer code mix cycles make incorporation issues and late defect fixes.
Published 31 May 2020

Written by Kuldeep Chhipa

Quality Assurance Specialist currently runs the QA squad as a team Contributor and loves Automation. I help business owners to grow their businesses online.

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