Landing Page Webform Testing

Landing Page Webform Testing setup and steps

What is Landing Page

Landing pages are comparable to elevator pitches. A Landing page, like an elevator pitch, gives a crisp introduction to your brand, the products or services you offer, and the problems that you solve. Also, they have a commonplace goal–to convert the visitor into a customer. Just as an amazing elevator pitch takes multiple rounds of refinement, a touchdown web page also blessings from non-stop checking out and optimization.

How to Test a Landing Page?

To begin with, it is imperative to talk about the manner of experimentation. Testing anything is normally better than trying out nothing, but a dependent application will bring predictability and long term gains to conversion rates, instead of ad-hoc wins right here and there.

A comprehensive landing page testing method would look something just like the one under no matter what testing technique

  • A set of data-pushed hypotheses with clear prioritization.
  • Well-defined and crucial measurable conversion goals.
  • Proper checking out gear with a variety of trying out options.
  • Calculate the time and traffic required to run the tests.
  • Create variations of different check elements and document them.
  • Quality check and install tests.
  • Analyze test outcomes and findings.
  • Deploy winning variations and discard the dropping ones.
  • Document learnings from the tests.

Why Landing Page Testing Important?

  • You have only five seconds to seize your visitors' attention to your Landing Page.
  • To make sure you are getting the maximum return on your advertising and marketing investment.
  • The extra you test and optimize, the better your conversion prices will be.

Landing Page Automation

In the given automation code we are using some dummy Landing Page which is developed in Mailchimp

  • Element Selector File

    module.exports = {
    pageURL: "",
    landingForm: {
        subscribeButton: "#SignupForm_0 > div.webContent__content > form > div.content__button > input",
        emailLocator: "#mc-EMAIL",
        firstNameLocator: "#mc-FNAME",
        successMessageLocator: '#SignupForm_0 > div.flash-block > div > strong'
  • Landing Page Automation Script
let elements = require('./elementSelector.js');
let Chance = require('chance');
let chance = new Chance();
let email ={ domain: "" });
let firstName = chance.first();

module.exports = {
    '@tags': ['Landing_form_Automation'],

    "Verify Landing form of Mailchimp": function (browser, done) {
        console.log("email", email + '\n' + "FirstName", firstName);
        browser.waitForElementVisible(elements.landingForm.emailLocator, 20000, "Mailchimp Landing form should visible.");
        browser.setValue(elements.landingForm.emailLocator, email);
        browser.setValue(elements.landingForm.firstNameLocator, firstName);
        browser.waitForElementVisible(elements.landingForm.successMessageLocator, 20000, "Success message should Appear.");
        browser.getText(elements.landingForm.successMessageLocator, function (message) {
            browser.assert.equal(message.value, "Success! You've been added to the audience.");

Note: The automation written in nightwatch.js with node.js code